App Inventor 2 FAQ

What is App Inventor 2?

App Inventor 2 is the new version of App Inventor available at It is fabulous: its much easier to setup (usually no downloads!) and it provides a much more elegant programming experience. The blocks editor loads immediately (its now in the browser, not a Java app!). If you're a developer or checking out App Inventor for future use, you should absolutely use AI2. However, AI "Classic" ( will still be available for some months.
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Where are my projects?

As of December 3, 2013, the "Create" link on the App Inventor home page links to the new AI2 tool. But the App Inventor projects you've built with the "Classic" system are still available. Just go to to use the "Classic" system and edit your projects.

Can I translate my projects to the new AI2 system?

At this time, there is no tool to translate AI Classic projects into AI2 projects

Should I use AI2 to teach my course this semester?

Even though your teaching materials will need to be changed to some degree, you should make the switch. The experience for your students will be so much better-- once you try AI2 it is hard to go back to the "Classic" version! Its also important to note that the blocks in AI2 are essentially the same, with a few minor exceptions. So you mainly need to change your tutorials/lessons that deal with mechanics, not programming. and have been hard at work developing new materials which you can leverage. Check out the AI2 video tutorials on this site as well as the book chapters that have been translated into AI2. MIT has also translated a number of their tutorials. If I were teaching a class, I would definitely use AI2.

How is the setup different in AI2?

The setup is much smoother. If you have an Android device and a normal WiFi connection, you can generally get started within minutes without downloading anything to your computer. If you are using App Inventor in a school/organizations with firewall issues, there is support for using a USB connection and for using an emulator. Checkout these instructions

Are there tutorials and other materials for learning with AI2?

We're working hard here at to update the App Inventor book, all the video tutorials, and the course-in-a-box. Bear with us during this change, but please check out the following: