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    MIT App Inventor provides the fastest way to build apps for Android phones and tablets. Even with no prior experience, you can learn to build apps within hours. Here, you'll learn from USF Professor David Wolber, who has been teaching beginners programming with App Inventor since its inception in 2009. With step-by-step video screencasts, Wolber starts with the basics then leads you through the development of successively more complex apps, teaching you programming concepts as you go.

    Note: AppInventor.org partners with but is a separate entity from MIT App Inventor. Our focus is providing materials for learning and teaching App Inventor, work made possible only through the efforts of the MIT team in developing and maintaining the App Inventor site.

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    Hello Purr
    Paint Pot
    Mole Mash
    Shooter Game
    Stock Market
    Android, Where's My Car?'
    Make/Take Quiz
    Broadcaster Hub
    Robot Remote
    Map Tour