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What is Java Bridge?

The App Inventor Java Bridge is an exploratory (alpha) version of App Inventor that allows you to generate a Java equivalent of the apps you have built. The tool helps students who have learned coding in AI’s visual block-based paradigm to transition to coding in a textual programming language. Besides the educational benefits, the tool also allows for hybrid development whereby the visual blocks language is used to create a portion of the app, and Java is used to add functionality that is difficult to develop in AI. For more information on the App Inventor Java Code Generator and building the code manually, click here.

Fast and Easy

With one click, your code is translated into Java!


The Java Bridge is a great way to transition from visual blocks coding to textual coding. Learn Java using the App Inventor terminology you already know!

Hybrid Development

Create the initial version of an app using App Inventor, then add functionality with Java

Clean Code Generation

Clean transition from visual blocks editor to textual java code.

Project Setup

The App Inventor Java Bridge provides you with the Java equivalent of any App Inventor project you create. It generates a .zip project file that you can import into Android Studio or Eclipse. Here are steps to make this easy.

Let's Get In Touch!

This project is still in an alpha stage of development, and we encourage you to send us bugs and issues you come across, as well as ideas for improvements. Here is a current list of known limitations to the current version.